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head platters

updated wed 11 dec 02


Stephani Stephenson on mon 9 dec 02

I too , would echo Pat Southwood's sentiments.
In any given post, especially the lengthy ones, there may be any
number of potential subtopics, which may pique a reader's interest.
We readers mine each other's posts for what interests us and we
respond to parts of a post as often as we do the whole of it.
some people will relate to the emotion of a post, others to the cerebral
or technical parts of a post....
Sometimes we respond with perception and wit, sometimes ad nauseum,
sometimes with empathy, with great understanding or misunderstanding ,
humor, insult or blah blah blah , with great experience or no
experience, with precision or hyperbole.....and everything in between!
Sometimes we are working it out as we type, and we reveal our ignorance
as much as our intelligence, but that's not all bad!

A single thread turns into a profusion of threads, like trails of light
at a fireworks show.. converging, diverging....
It can leave the territory of the original 'sparking' post quite soon
after launching!

the topic of making a living as a potter is relevant if you are engaged
in it or thinking about it,
in the same way the make up of a cone 10 claybody is relevant if you
are engaged in formulating a cone 10 claybody
or comparison of different types of slabrollers is relevant if you are
considering buying a slabroller, but is certainly not relevant to every

in this case I think it valuable to see just a sampling of the wide wide
spectrum of people and approaches we have here.... and to know , really
that they all have validity and purpose. we learn from example, and I
have found value in other's stories, and I appreciate people being
honest with their process, their strengths as well as their struggles,
as well as their analytical breakdowns of what has worked for them.

but i do really like your idea of head platters, in the abstract anyway,
that's why I opened the post.... what the heck is a head platter??????
I admittedly was thinking cabbage or cheese!

Stephani 'blah blah blah' Stephenson!

Lily Krakowski on tue 10 dec 02

Years ago I did a cartoon of a slave type looking through Salome's pantry
for a head platter to put John the Baptist's head on....The idea of a head
platter still has appeal. I like Catherine's thought. Like a dip dish,
with the face of someone---But having seen The Lady and the Duke-- an
interesting almost successful film-- i was thinking of something more
directly functional.

I tend to be ghoulish. Sorry. A good number of years ago when my friends
were still at the base-line mammography state I did a mamography
was a plate and on it a female breast like a pita bread, stuffed with
alfalfa sprouts, and on two slices of rye bread. Like so much else it was
amusing then, and is no longer so. I wish the time that one could laugh at
the essentially tragic had lasted longer. That kind of laughter has quite
died from my generation's lips.

I was not, by the way, trying to cut off or criticize others approach to
supporting oneself AS a potter= Being a potter. I was simply asking why
financial considerations matter AT ALL in the art world? If we have
promoted ourselves from "mere" craftsmen to "real" artists, all financial
considerations should not apply.

Lili Krakowski

P.O. Box #1
Constableville, N.Y.
(315) 942-5916/ 397-2389

Be of good courage....

Pat Southwood on tue 10 dec 02

I agree that this thread started off as a personal one and then turned =
into a general one. Is that a bad thing?=20
Maybe incorrectly, but I always think of this list as a large gathering =
in a cosy pub. Some of us drinking orange juice, others not! Each to =
his/her own.
In the nature of clay related conversations discussions usually shoot =
off at a few angles, I dont think anyone was dismissing personal pain.=20
I expect it was as much about the specific quoting of a "definitive" =
potters wage that people picked up on, as much as anything else.
I don't think that looking on peoples individual stories as "Im more of =
a potter than you are" is a positive thing to do, I honestly dont think =
that they were sent in that spirit at all. Mine at least, was sent in a =
spirit of "this is how I get my head and my money round the whole =
thing." We are a clever lot and can diversify our talents in many ways. =
It was enlightening to read the practical means that others have found.=20
I just have to make it pay the most that it can in a way that is best =
for me. As I expect we all do.=20