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updated fri 13 dec 02


Don & June MacDonald on thu 12 dec 02

I was recently asked to assist a gentleman in clearing out the contents
of his late wife's pottery studio, arranging sale of equipment and
materials for him. Disposing of the equipment to good homes was the
easy part of the job. I suspect most potters, myself included, tend to
have packrat tendencies. As new materials come on the market, we start
to use them, and that bag or container of the old material just sits
there, because you cannot bear to dispose of it, or because it just
might possibly be useful.

After this experience, I intend to clear my studio of everything that I
have that I know I will not use again. I could probably use the space
and I would like to make things easier for anyone who would possibly
have to do the same for me. (New Years Resolution made early!)

June from B.C.