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repost? paranoid about drywall dust and kiln?

updated tue 17 dec 02


Laurie-Jean Gombar on mon 16 dec 02

I posted a question to Clayart on Sunday but was not sure if it went
through, so I am trying again.
We are going through an extensive rennovation, which is almost over. The
kiln, unfired, has been sitting on the back enclosed porch, under a sheet of
heavy plastic where I was going to be firing it. But we are going to have
to move it to the garage, which got a full 2 layers (ceiling and walls) of
5/8 drywall, thanks to the expectations of the local fire inspector. Our
drywaller is still using the finished garage to cut other pieces of drywall.
My husband wanted to move the kiln out there and I was a bit nervous about
it, seeing as how the drywall dust is all over in there. I wanted to
vaccume it up after sweeping, and my husband just threw his hands up in the
air and came to the conclusion that we should wait then, 'till the drywaller
is finished. So am I being too paranoid? I wanted the floor to be clean...
and it wasn't. I did not think that drywall dust would be good getting on
the kiln brick.
Is it just me or was Clayart having problems? Was going through withdrawl.

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