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round things/burners

updated tue 17 dec 02


mel jacobson on fri 13 dec 02

those are the air control flaps.
made from the covers for electrical boxes. 39 cents each.
perfect size, and galvanized.

they cover the air/inlet. (primary air)
they open about a half inch when he fires.

everything in that burner system was purchased at a couple of
hardware stores.
we had to hunt a bit to find things that would fit, but they worked
out just fine. i had the old baso valves, we cleaned and tightened
them, and they work just fine. go off when the pilot is shut off.

built a burner like that for jason brigss at the app/center for craft.
we found everything we needed at the small town hardware...between
plumbing and electrical departments. used it with his gas/electric
conversion kiln.
and that one is a beauty.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try:

Craig Martell on mon 16 dec 02

mel commented:
>those are the air control flaps.

Hello mel:

Does yer friend bill, or is it Bill, fire with Natural Gas or Propane?

thanx, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon