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merry christmas from spain.

updated wed 18 dec 02


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Dear friends,

I have had no time for posting for a long time: too much busy... but I have
always remembered of you. Now I´d like to wish everybody ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I love Vincent Van Gogh, so my postcard-choice –in this time- for you is:
the tree in blossom.

I am sure that if you like Vincent too you are going to enjoy this web:

Note 1 (for my friends of Brookhouse Pottery) I had a good time with
everyone there (David, Margaret, etc.)

I am sorry because at the moment I have no every email address (I mean of
mates in the Brookhouse Pottery workshop), if anybody have it, please send
them my email and postcard too. Thanks.

Note 2: Now I have no internet access at home but I can to send emails from
a “cibercafe”. My new email address is : Thanks

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