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schools & how to pick 'em

updated fri 20 dec 02


Hank Murrow on thu 19 dec 02

For those seeking Higher Education;

I entered the University of Oregon in 1958 to study Architecture, but
had the good fortune to take a pottery class from Bob James early on. I
remember his opening 'talk' to us beginners like it was yesterday. He
proclaimed that there was a priority system for the use of the kilns,
gas and electric. The First Priority went to any one who had never
fired a kiln before, the second Priority went to non-majors, the Third
to majors, the Fourth to grads, the Fifth to graduate teaching fellows,
and the Last Priority to Faculty. He backed that up with his attention
and respect for learning, and de-mystifying the firing process. If any
one would like to see the results of such an educational experiment,
please visit my site @ , and take a peek at
the kilns page too. It was a very unpleasant surprise to start my
firstteaching job at an institution in which the grads and faculty were
the only ones allowed to fire the kilns! It took about 3 months to turn
that around there, and it partially cost me my job. Went to Anderson
Ranch after and had three years of Way Too Much Fun there, building
kilns and going through a LOT of clay.

If you are seeking a place to study, ask what the 'rules' will tell you volumes about what and who might be
respected there.........without the hype and bs.

Good hunting, Hank in Eugene