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to paul/wood kiln plans

updated fri 20 dec 02


Diane Mead on thu 19 dec 02

PAUL: You are so correct--It may take me a year to just fo the research.
Luckily I have Mercer's woodkiln here and in the process of getting the
Troy book--have been told it is a must. There are some good anagama firers
and wood folks here, but sifting thru what is proper for us has been HECK!
I will keep you [posted and thanks for the great info!!!

>First, get some kiln shelves, (or decide on what size you are going to
>buy with your $1,000) then you can design the kiln around them. I'm
>Sounds like you need to do some research on designs.
>Jack Troy's book "Woodfired Stoneware and Porcelain" is a good one.
>There is a book by Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson "Woodfired
>Ceramics, Contemporary Practices" that has pictures, drawings and
>descriptions of quite a few small wood fired kilns.
>There are a lot of potters in Europe and UK using the Olsen fastfire
>design. They generally build them out of hardbrick, so the fast part
>isn't so fast, but they can be fired in a day.
>My friend Dick Mackey fires one of the "fastfire" types and it gives
>satisfactory results. He recently added on a second chamber (crossdraft)
>doubling the kiln's capacity for a few more hours stoking.
>Any one out there on the list using one of the fastfire designs?
>good luck,
>Paul Herman
>Great Basin Pottery
>423-725 Scott Road
>Doyle, California 96109 US
>>From: Diane Mead
>> Please let me know if you have any smaller wood kiln plans. We have the
>> but we need to build a small wood kiln on our property.
>> If it can be done under $1000 that would be great.
>> We are open--down draft, anagama, etc. In other words
>> we are still in the thinking phase. Easier to build,
>> smaller size is what we need to find.
>> Thanks.
>> diane mead
>> macon, ga
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