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wood kilns - and 'chip-board' considerations...

updated fri 20 dec 02


Philip Poburka on thu 19 dec 02

Greetings Lee and so too to all...

We may recall, that Chipboard or it's kin as 'flakeboard',
'particle board' and so on have been understood to be bound
with Formaldehyde related adhesives.
The decomposition of which in combustion may be unpleasant
for whoever should be subject to the fumes or smoke from it.

Just that...

Not 'clean' like honest Wood is...and allways made of
low-caloric yielding 'softwood' flakes and chips with lots
of Formaldehyde 'glue'...

Not so good maybe...for one's Neighbors...

Las Vegas

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> gathering wood can be the biggest pain in the ass in the

I thought I'd have to spend $2.50 to $3.00 a bundled
for wood here in
Japan. But my Austrailian friend and Sempai, Euan Craig,
informed me of a
place to obtain "waste wood" like we used back home. This
wood comes dry and
requires no splitter or chainsaw. A circular or table saw
is handy to cut
widths narrow enough to break them on your knee.

I got four bundles of chipboard (imported from
Canada) for the cost
of delivery. I'm building Euan's kiln design, which is a
sort of modified
Phoenix fast fire. It will fire quickly and makes more ash
than I really want
(I like glazed ware.) Using the Canadian waste wood
makes a glaze firing
cost about 12 bucks a firing (stoking slowly, you can make a
glaze firing last
12 or 14 hours.)

Euan is in Austrailia until the middle of February, but
when he gets back,
I'll ask him if I can share his kiln plans.


Lee Love
Mashiko JAPAN
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