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typhoons, trees, ash glazes (re-post)

updated sat 21 dec 02


Logan Oplinger on fri 20 dec 02

Hi All,

I sent this post several days ago, but it apparently did not make the list.

Our recent typhoon has made available several varieties of downed trees.
One in particular is of interest to me for converting to ash to use in
glazes. It is called by various popular names: beefwood, coast she-oak,
horsetail casuarina, ironwood, and Australian Pine. The taxonomic name is:
Casuarina equisetifolia. It is a hardwood that I understand is an invasion
species on the southeast coast of the U. S.

Have any of you doing ash glazing investigated using the ash from this tree
for making ash glazes? Does any one have a proximate chemical analysis of
the ash? What I have been able to find so far is that the wood provides
about 1.8% ash, but no analysies so far.

Any help will be appreciated.

Logan Oplinger
Another storm devastaded location.
Latitude: 13.5 Longitude: 144.7