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updated mon 23 dec 02


Joyce Lee on sun 22 dec 02

How did we get onto this? Or am I the only one on
this page? Doesn't matter. Half the time I'm writing to
myself anyway. There..... that's it .... the self-
indulgent part ....

I need to say that I admire and appreciate the skills
and talents ..... many of which are remarkable .... of
those among us who've opted to Live the Life of a
Potter, who support families, have sent kids (and spice)
to college, provide medical, dental, basic necessities .... along with =
here& there. You're living your dream and working
ALL the TIME to support it. You're artists, yes ..... that's
undoubtedly how you started ...... and have evolved into
managers, accountants, salesmen, retailers, wholesalers,
PR specialists, time management experts, space
coordinators, technicians, mechanics, designers,
and the list goes
on ....... in addition, of course, you've developed Standup
Routines as well as Philosophical Ruminations appropriate
for public consumption ...... you know that Presentation
Isn't Everything ...... but the battle will be lost without it .... =
AND you
still manage to Stay
True to Yourself and Your Dream!! Talk about=20
inspiration ....... YOU are My Heroes.

What boggles my being is that you somehow manage=20
to develop new lines from time to time ..... or, more
likely, make changes in the present work ... changes
which satisfy your need to "create" and yet will
be pleasing to the customers who've come to love
your work AS IS ... this base upon whom you depend
for financial survival has little use for new glazes
or forms, at least not from you .... you're chancing that they'll =
choose to go elsewhere if you're not offering the
same ol' same ol'. So add to the list above......
Sleight of Hand Artist/Magician .... now you see it;
now you don't ....... done slowly over time ..... you're
a juggler, too, I see.

Did you understand the demands you'd have to meet
when you first opted to Live The Life? Maybe. Those
same demands, after all, are assurance of a variety
of adrenaline rushes on a daily basis. You must=20
chuckle as you read the posts from "potters" such
as I ..... who speak of "boredom" with doing the
same thing over&over day after day.... from those
of us who peer into computer screens from the same
ol' chair every workday ........ or respond to hourly
bells which determine what we do and where we
do it during the next hour ...... when another bell will
grate our souls as we stop one activity and move to
the next ... Ready or Not.

Yep, you're My Heroes all right ..... Catski, Tommy,
Tony, Sheila, David .... to name only a few......=20

In the Mojave