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fw: re: my thought on higher education

updated wed 25 dec 02


Vince Pitelka on tue 24 dec 02

Someone pointed out to me that the website address I supplied in my recent
post on this subject to find out more information about the programs at
TTU's Appalachian Center for Crafts -
It is unfortunate that this website really gives so little information. Our
marketing and promotions director is in the process of building a whole new
Craft Center website, and it should be up in mid January. I had intended to
give my own website address - - because it
provides a lot of information and imagery about the clay facility, the BFA
program, and other programs of study at the Craft Center. Sorry for the
mixup. If anyone wants more information please contact me.

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Crafts
Tennessee Technological University
1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville TN 37166
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615/597-6801 ext. 111, fax 615/597-6803