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mo' better burners

updated fri 3 jan 03


Craig Martell on thu 2 jan 03


I'd send this directly to Paul Taylor but his ISP is real paranoid about
something and rejects private emails. What a world!

If you want a real efficient sealed, hi velocity, nozzle mix burner, look
at the Eclipse Thermjet TJO15. You can view these burners at just use the menu on the rt hand side of the home page
and scroll down to "burners" and select Thermjet. For your 16 cu ft kiln,
the TJO15 would more than do the job if you use two of them. They are
forced air. But, if you want a sealed setup that relys on zero secondary
air for combustion, you'll have to use forced air. These burners cost
$686.00 each.

regards, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon