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kiln wash for decorative techniques

updated tue 7 jan 03


clennell on mon 6 jan 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

> ask gail nichols....she will give you a starting point.
> she throws with kiln wash.
> think about that for a minute or two.
> no wonder folks can't make her pots. it ain't soda folks.
> some just think about that. it is the clay body. what a concept.
> mel
Before Clayarters fill up their throwing bowls with kiln wash remember this
is for salt/soda or a wood kiln with some sort of vapour glazing. Using
alumina hydrate or kiln wash as a decorative technique is not new, although
I think her throwing with it is novel. If you are going to put a liner glaze
in your pots this would not be a good idea. Remember that kiln wash repels a
25 years ago my first teacher F Carleton Ball demonstrated using a roulette
to texture a bottle. The bottle was bisqued, he brushed the texture with
kiln wash, washed it off the high points, glazed the inside and neck of the
bottle (being careful not to put the glaze over the kilnwash on the body of
the pot), fired in reduction. This is a handsome technique to use with any
dark clay body.
Buy Val Cushings glaze manual and you will see alumina hydrate used in his
soda body. Richard Selfridge uses a kiln wash type alumina hydrate flashing
slip brushed on hakeme style for wood firing. don't get too close to the rim
of a cup or the kiln wash will repel your glaze.
look at the thin edges or underneath of a kiln washed kiln shelf from a
wood, reduction or salt kiln- ORANGE. Alumina hydrate! When you see
something you like, think about it. If alumina looks good on a clay kiln
shelf theres a good chance it will good on a clay pot.