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kiln wash for decorative techniques>=> f carleton ball

updated wed 8 jan 03


Ababi on tue 7 jan 03

>Sour Cherry Pottery

>25 years ago my first teacher F Carleton Ball demonstrated using a roulette
>to texture a bottle.
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When I made a plane for the upcoming course for my beloved neighbors the Bedouin
women I wrote to myself: "To make shapes like in F.Carlton Ball booklet." I meant to
make in handbuilding shapes and textures like the one are shown in his booklet
published by the CM.

Lately thanks to Ivor Lewis I have discovered that some ceramic books were
published earlier than 1998.
after buying an old English book he had offered me, I found the next one, " Making
Pottery Without A Wheel: Texture and Form in Clay" by Ball, F. Carlton & Janice
It is one of the best books I have bought. For a low cost I got a book that besides time
changed a bit the color of the paper was inside only the name of the potter that
purchased it in 1965, when I was 18 and meant to be an agriculture, mud - man.
Besides textures and shapes that will astonish the parents of my young students, I
started to develop earlier glazes I made in the end of 2002 into waxy glazes I did not
understand the term until I saw this glaze on Carlton Ball's wares.
Will be in a different message