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paul's burner question answered by hank

updated wed 8 jan 03


Mondloch on tue 7 jan 03

Hi ,
I've been trying to follow this exchange, and hope you guys don't mind if I
butt in with a couple questions.

>Hank wrote: In my experience of around 120 kilns built, there is no such
>compromise. I have found that propane is most effective and quiet at
>10" water column pressure.

OK... In "The Art of Firing", Nils Lou writes that 6" water column pressure
is the equivalent to about 1/4 (PSI). I've noticed that the 'water column
pressure is usually used for natural gas and (PSI) for propane. I'm assuming
that this is because natural gas is usually a lower pressure then propane.
There must be like a mathematical relationship to these two measurements?
Would the 10 " water column pressure be maybe about 1/2 (PSI)? The book says
that his burners produce a neutral flame from 2-4 PSI which would be much
more then what you seem to like. I assume that some burners run best at
lower pressure then others? Do you prefer more burners running at lower PSI
instead of only two at the higher PSI? for lower, more even heat input?


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