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tile artists' clay

updated wed 8 jan 03


Stephani Stephenson on tue 7 jan 03

One white clay I have used is Laguna's WSO,
I like the way it handles. It seems to be fine bodied, but with
adequate grog for tile and sculpture purposes
..I cannot remember the shrinkage or absorption on it, but it worked
well for me both as a handbuilding clay and as a pressing clay for tile.
it seemed to work well with pieces up to 3/4 , even to 1" thick
Also It worked well with my glazes.
Only limitation I found with WSO was that it did not work well for large
tiles/ slabs. I made some 14" square relief tiles with it . Pieces
cracked right down the center during firing. Same piece, different clay,
same firing, did not crack...
SO you might test it some more. dried and fired well without warping or
cracking on smaller pieces. nice white color.

It is listed as a high fire clay and also a raku clay in Laguna Catalog,
but worked well at lower temp. I know potters who use it as a higher
temp throwing body.
Jon Pacini are you there? 'what up' with WSO? Would like to know more
about it.

Stephani Stephenson