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beads and joyce

updated thu 9 jan 03


Gail Dapogny on wed 8 jan 03

Hi Joyce,
Don't really have much in the way of useful suggestions for you, although
beads sound VERY interesting. Also, consider small, assymetrical closed
forms, first rolled onto an interesting texture, some hard bits of clay
shoved inside to create a rattle after fired. Could form them casually
around rolled up paper. Also, perhaps some very small tiles that could
be combined --later--into a larger tile/wall hanging.

On the subject of your young doctor, i thought I might amuse you with this
story of my mother who was --at age 91 -- in the emergency room for an
irregular heartbeat. They kept her most of the day, and during the whole
time, as I sat by her side, she slept, dozed, daydreamed --- who knows, but
she didn't say a word for hours, literally hours. Various tubes monitoring
her, oxygen, etc. , staff checking in now and then.
At one point late in the day, a very young-looking doctor came in, peered
at her, then whispered to me: "How old is she?" From the bed, came a
surprisingly strong raspy voice: "None of your business!"

Hope you are taking care of yourself and mending well after your "common
surgery". Any surgery or invasion take its toll. So---get lots of rest,
snuggle up with your Westie, know we are thinking of you, and check in
with us as often as you can.
---Gail, in snowy Ann Arbor

>In the Mojave knowing that it's good to have a
>young, bright ( though smartmouthed) doctor .....

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