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image of my brushes

updated fri 10 jan 03


Karen Sullivan on wed 8 jan 03

Some time ago I posted images of my brushes on Yahoo...
so I tried the URL and it took three efforts to get there
but keep trying....
It does work...

Just a note...I will try to keep in touch with Glenn's brushmaking
schedule and post the activity on clayart...
I do think he is doing something in San Diego, near the NCECA event...
I will try to find out and let everyone know...

thanks...bamboo karen

Kira-Umich on thu 9 jan 03

You should all go to this link. You could only make beautiful images with
these brushes - what wonderful work Karen!


> ogrovekaren&.src=ph&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//
> ogrovekaren/lst%3f.dir=/brushes%2band%2bpots%26.src=ph%26.view=t

Wes Rolley on thu 9 jan 03

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At 09:01 PM 1/8/03 -0800, you wrote:

I got an error message using this URL, but easily got to the right place=20
using just and following the=20
path. I understand the brushes, but not the cage. The bars are too far=20
apart to cage up the ants that were bothering you last year.



"I find I have a great lot to learn =96 or unlearn. I seem to know far too=
much and this knowledge obscures the really significant facts, but I am=20
getting on." -- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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Andi Fasimpaur on thu 9 jan 03

At 09:01 PM 1/8/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Some time ago I posted images of my brushes on Yahoo...
>so I tried the URL and it took three efforts to get there
>but keep trying....
>It does work...

These are beautiful brushes... a simpler link will take you to the level
above this one... if you're having trouble, try going to

then click on the brushes folder.

Thanks for sharing the photos.