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necea clayart mug exchange

updated sun 12 jan 03


Kathleen Gordon on fri 10 jan 03

all this talk of nceca .(san diego- march 12-15).don't forget to put
aside a mug to bring to the annual mug exchange that happens on friday
march 14 at 6 pm in the clayart is the rundown again
1. make a mug or clay object (no bigger than 9"x9"x9") actually make 2
and donate one to the NCECA scholarship fund.
2. Please attach your card or your name to the outside of the donated
mug and put another loose card on the inside of the mug to be used for
the exchange.if you want your name listed as taking part in the
exchange you must sign a clipboard in the clayart room.
3. Drop off your Clayart mug Clayart Hospitality room anytime it is open
5 On Friday afternoon(March 14) come to the exchange at 6pm and pick
up your new mug made by another Clayart member Please stay meet the
maker of your mug after the exchange.
6 It is not possible to take part in this exchange unless you plan to
be at the convention or can send your mug with someone who will be

Kathleen Gordon
"if things seem under control you are not going fast enough" mario