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mel jacobson on wed 15 jan 03

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>Hi mel,
>could you please put this on clayart for me. Thank you.
>Barbara Brown phone/fax 408-736-3889
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>Studio Potter and the Studio Potter Network
>Invite you to take part in its
>Annual show and fund-raiser during NCECA 2003 - in honor of the
>Studio Potter's 30th Anniversary*
>March 12-15
>San Diego, California
>(*our theme for the 30th Anniversary is "Sharing": Studio Potter originated
>as a forum for potters to share=E2=80=A6some of us love to share food; some=
>some art. We'd love a pot that means, "sharing" for you.)
>You give us: Your donation for the 30th Anniversary Show. Sale proceeds go=
>Studio Potter (with our heartfelt thanks.)
>We give you: The chance to exhibit your work at the largest gathering of=
>educators, artists and enthusiasts in the US
>Ship pot (including both entry forms) to: Dawn Galbo, Sculptural Ceramics;
>1622 West Lewis St.; San Diego, CA 92103-1223.
>(please include this entire address to insure accurate delivery)
>If you will be attending NCECA, please stop by the show to say hello
>OR deliver a pot in person (or both!!).
>The show will be in the Pacific Salon 7 in the Town and Country Hotel.
>Please note: Groups sending *Studio Potter 30th Anniversary show pots=
>combine the individually packaged pieces into one or two larger cartons for
>shipping. Pricing of work is at the donor's discretion.
>More questions? Contact Annie Carlsson, Network Coordinator; tel.401
>568-7941, fax 508 476-2695 email:
>Complete all information on both forms, attach securely to bottom of pot=
>ship to:Dawn Galbo, Sculptural Ceramics; 1622 West Lewis St.; San Diego, CA
>Donors Name __________________________
>Home Address:______________________________________________________
>Title of piece__________________________
>Suggested Price: Group Name:
>Donor's Name___________________________
>Home Address______________________________________________________
>Title of piece_____________________________
>Suggested Price: Group Name:

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