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help! need ideas for kid's projects!

updated thu 16 jan 03


Gina McKinnis on tue 14 jan 03

Hey all,

I know I have read many ideas for kids projects on this board, but I =
need more ideas and some details. The school where my children attend is =
doing its annual charity auction. We are trying to do an art project for =
each class. At our school we have 3 years olds through eighth grade.=20

The eighth graders want to do a cake stand with charms. I have the cake =
stand but I need ideas on the best way to do the charms. I was thinking =
about getting stamps and doing very thin clay.=20

My son is in the first grade and I thought it would be cool to do a =
mobile. I know that this has come up recently and I want to know what =
kind of wire to use that would be heavy enough to support some sort of =
clay ornament but would still look graceful.=20

Any ideas or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!=20

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
Gina McKinnis