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updated fri 17 jan 03


Valice Raffi on wed 15 jan 03

>The latest issue of Pottery Making Illustrated is now in the mail.

Glad to hear it Bill, I saw the new issue at the suppliers earlier in the
week and had trouble restraining myself from thumbing thru their copies!
The cover is hot!

Valice in Sacramento

Marcia Selsor on wed 15 jan 03

This is really a teaser for NCECA. I can't wait to visit the San Diego
campus. PMI looks really great. Thanks for this issue.
Tuscany in 2003

Bill Jones on wed 15 jan 03

The latest issue of Pottery Making Illustrated is now in the mail. This
issue is the first of our sixth year in publication (oh, how time flies),
and we've tried something a little different. WIth NCECA just around the
corner, we asked Richard Burkett to coordinate some articles from the San
Diego area for the issue and he did an outstanding job! Due to his efforts,
we feature five SD artists: Richard demonstrating an organic burnout
technique (, Gary Carlos explains
two basic tilemaking techniques, Ed Thompson showing how he does slip
marbling and then transferring the design to a form, Eric Rempe details his
adventure in building a small woodburning kiln, and David Cuzick provides an
overview of his construction of a gas-fired soda kiln. In addition, Helen
Bates has provided a list of must-see San Diego sites at

PMI is pleased to announce that it will once again be a major underwriter
for the Clayart room at NCECA this year. Mel has done an outstanding job in
coordinating this feature, and we look forward to another successful year!


Bill Jones
Editor, Pottery Making Illustrated