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hollow beads

updated sun 19 jan 03


Ann Brink on sat 18 jan 03

Hi Joyce-Thanks again for moderating when called upon! I hope your surgery
was successful and you will soon be back into the clay again. You mentioned
beads in your P.S. and that reminded me that I wanted to try throwing small
hollow beads, so I did.

I threw about 20 hollow beads off the hump. They are about the size of
grapes, the elongated kind. I found my little finger was too large to break
center, so used the rounded end of a tool (about the diam. of a pencil). It
actually worked pretty well. Then I made some discs ...they were cut off an
upright slender rod with a needle.( Attn: Ivor, I made this "rod" by pushing
down on the center of the hump)

I don't mean to imply that there's anything new or remarkable about doing
the above, but it may be new to some, and it's something to do when you feel
like working small.

Ann Brink in CA