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doorknobs and tiling

updated tue 21 jan 03


jspoces on mon 20 jan 03

I recommend a reference book I have been using for over ten years. My tiling projects don't happen that often. SETTING CERAMIC TILE by Michael Byrne,Isbn 0-918804-55-8. It is a wonderful book, full of information on how to do so many types of tiling projects. I learned how to tile floors and walls from this sole source. I am in the midst of tiling our home's entryway this week.
According to Michael Byrne, tile can be set over linoleum as long as it is still firmly attached to the floor and not peeling or cracked. He adds a lot more information about roughing up the surface with sandpaper, etc. on page 83.
I find tiling a very satisfying type of work. Good Luck!

Saundra in Zirconia, NC