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door knobs & tiling,removing original vinyl tile

updated wed 22 jan 03


Working Potter on mon 20 jan 03

One issue that is not being addressed with the ossible removal of existing
tile is the dred asbestos.Many types of tile until about 20 years ago, some
more recent depending where/when bought, have asbestos.Those tile are best
undisturbed if in good adhere but the cushion factor would indeed have a
possibility to cause ceramic tile failure so the hardy backer board may be
the best solution.Wonderboard is mean stuff to get down well due to the
breaking/crumbling, worked with it, hated it.Getting the transitions at the
door thresholds is tricky but there are solutions if your doors are suitable
fot trimming, however beware some door construction does not lend itself to
trim down ,check on that.Also if the drelling will be used by handicapped
that might make some transitions difficult and noncompliant.
If the tile is asbestos free and you need to remove it, there is a flat
bladed sharp edge tool used for removing roofing shingles that may be
available that makes the job easier.A similar tool for dairy barn manure
cleanup, if sharpened will also work.These tools clean up caked on clay from
concrete also.
Good luck,