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door knobs & tiling: many thanks

updated wed 22 jan 03


Maid O'Mud on tue 21 jan 03

The vinyl I'm referring to was installed ~7 years ago, and is cushioned
Armstrong flooring. It was pointed out to me that the cushioning would
cause problems with the grout. I hadn't thought of that! The vinyl is
EXTREMELY well glued down (I watched it being installed) and will be *fun*
to remove (groan).

BTW, I used to work for an asbestos consulting firm; part of my job was
preparing the removal instructions for contractors. Unfortunately, I know
more than I want to about asbestos. I greatly appreciate the concern and
care shown by those who wrote to warn me about the (potential) dangers.

Thank you all for all your answers about tiling and knobs. I'm attending a
Home Depot ceramic floor laying class this Saturday; as well, I've ordered
the book recommended by Saundra in Zirconia, NC from our local library.

Sam - Maid O'Mud Pottery
Melbourne, Ontario CANADA

"First, the clay told me what to do.
Then, I told the clay what to do.
Now, we co-operate."
sam 1994

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From: "Working Potter"
Subject: Re: door knobs & tiling,removing original vinyl tile

> One issue that is not being addressed with the ossible removal of existing
> tile is the dred asbestos.Many types of tile until about 20 years ago,
> more recent depending where/when bought, have asbestos.Those tile are best
> undisturbed if in good adhere