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ottawa pottery studio?

updated thu 23 jan 03


Marek Warunkiewicz on tue 21 jan 03

I'm looking for a studio to belong to (rent space in) in Ottawa, Ontario,

I've located a few places in recreation centres, but access is limited to
certain hours and days. My schedule is fairly wonky. I read a post about a
studio in Calgary posted by Karen Cley that is exactly what I'm looking for
but it's in Calgary.

Anything like that in Ottawa? Anyone interested in sharing a space?


Helen Bates on wed 22 jan 03

Hi Marek,

At this url for the Ottawa Guild of
Potters there are a few private
potters listed who give lessons. Perhaps you can work something out with
one of them.

There are a couple of other potters listed in the "Links" section that you
could try and contact as well.

This link for "Potters Web" offers a free
classified ads section. Click on "Free Pottery."

This is the url of Cheryl Webster, a culptor who hand builds vessels and
figural works in clay: .

In South Ottawa there s a studio membership program mentioned at:

Maybe you'll get lucky