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tiling and doorknobs

updated wed 22 jan 03


Nancy Guido on tue 21 jan 03

I have had two areas in my house tiled with my tiles. In my office we pulled
up the carpet and I figured if my tiles were 1/2" thick they would be a
perfect fit. This is a pretty large room about 10' X 11'. John the Tile Guy
put down a mesh and then what looked like cement the first day and smoothed
that out and leveled it. After that he started to lay the tiles. The tiles
ended up just a bit higher than the adjoining room (foyer) so we put a wooden
threshold to match and that solved that problem.

I also made tiles for the doorwall in my family room. This was a 2' by 9'
area. The tiles were about 5/8" thick. John the Tile Guy used the hardy
backer board for this area just as Dean suggested. We carpeted up to this
and there is no real discrepancy in heights.

We could have used the backer board in the office, but for the larger space
the mud layer was easier.

Nancy G.