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ball mills...warning!

updated thu 23 jan 03


Dave Finkelnburg on wed 22 jan 03

The site below shows some great photos of a ball mill design that calls for
using lead balls in the mill. DO NOT USE LEAD BALLS WITH GLAZE! You'll
contaminate the glaze with lead, which is dangerous to you, and fail to
grind the glaze. The design shown is for grinding black gunpowder, one
common and very different use of small ball mills than potters put them to.
Also, the site shows the mill with two driven rolls. That is a good
design with such small diameter rolls, but is not the only way to make such
a mill. With larger diameter rolls a single driven roll shaft can be used,
along with an idler roll shaft. That can simplify design by eliminating two
pulleys and one belt.
Finally, the steep slope of the design can lead to overcharging the
mill. Setting the mill close to horizontal is better. A cascading action
of the balls does the grinding.
Good glaze grinding!
Dave Finkelnburg, glazing pots in Idaho

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> A simple photo illustration and instructions for making your own ball
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