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what do you listen to in your studio?

updated fri 24 jan 03


primalmommy on thu 23 jan 03

My winter studio is in the hallway linen closet. I listen to the phone
ringing, the doorbell ringing, the washing machine off balance hopping
around the basement, the kids laughing/crying/arguing/coming to tell me
who flushed an apple down the potty or what the little one got her head
stuck in or what the cat threw up or how the lizard got out.

My summer studio is in the back yard. In the daytime I listen to birds,
and kids playing in the yard. My favorite is when I go out there at
night and everyone's asleep... then I listen to the crickets, and rare,
blissful, glorious silence...

Yours, Kelly in Ohio... where it's so cold we can barely see past the
frost ferns on the windows... school closed today for the "bus kids" but
homeschool's in session. I brought the rabbits inside, afraid their ears
would freeze, and took the chickens some warm mash. Definitely keeping
the brass monkey indoors today.

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