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anyone interested in metal candlelamp shades at big bargain?

updated sat 25 jan 03


Dave Eickholt on fri 24 jan 03

If anyone is interested in making candle lamps, I have several of the cute
metal lamp shades from Aftosa. I'm not making candlelamps any more and am
willing to sell them at a substantial discount. You can buy as many as you
want from the list below for $1.50 each plus shipping. If you want them
all, they are $1.25 each plus shipping. Aftosa charges $3.19 each, so this
is less than 50%. All are in as new condition and are still in the plastic
bags. Interested? Contact me directly.

Green Shades
Star cut outs 5 available
Heart cut outs 7 available
Spiral cut outs 5 available

Blue Shades
Spiral cut outs 4 available
Tree cut outs 7 available
Heart cutouts 5 available

Red Shades
Star cut outs 1 available
Tree cut outs 13 available
Spiral cutouts 9 available

White Shades
Heart cut out 10 available
Spiral cutouts 11 available

--- David Eickholt
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