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post nceca party at nottingham

updated fri 21 feb 03


terry sullivan on thu 23 jan 03

Hi folks,

We will have a big bash at the Nottingham Center saturday night after
the conference ends.

This will include the Giant Pit Fire, several other kiln firings, live
band, bbqs ( hot dogs and burgers) and munchies, kegs of beer, camp
fires, etc. The event will start around 2 p.m. with folks decorating
bisque pots for the pit fire. We will load the pit starting around 3:30
- 4 pm and light it off at sunset. This ain't your little down stream
pit for sure.
It is about 18 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and 4-5 ft. deep. Takes several
cords of wood and makes one heck of a fire. At the same time we will be
firing stuff from the Malcolm Davis workshop for carbon trap shinos,
firing the charcoal infusion kiln, a salt kiln, and maybe even some
Sunday morning around 9:30- 10 a.m. we will have coffee, tea, and
bagles available when we unearth the pit.

Donation for the party is $ 15 for our expenses and attendence is
limited to 120 people.

We recomend getting a local motel for this as you won't want to be
driving back down to San Diego that night. Accomodations are listed on
our web site on the Pit Fire Party page, and you can see pictures of
past giant pit fires here browsing our past workshop pages and at Andy
Clifts site

Lots of Clayart folks already registered for this.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts

terry sullivan on tue 11 feb 03

We still have room for sign ups to our post conference party at
Nottingham Arts in San Marcos.

The event will start around 1-2 pm saturday the 15th. at the center with
decorating and loading the giant pit fire.
At sunset we will light off the pit and begin the party. There will be
seveal kilns going with a cone 10 firing of Malcolm Davis worksop carbon
trap shinos, a mid fire salt kiln, and the charcoal infusion kiln.
We will have live band music, barbeques going for burgers and such, kegs
of beer, wine, and several camp fire rings going. This will be a blast
! Lots of clayart folks like Paul Lewing, Russel Fouts, Carla Flati, and
many others in attendance.

The attendance is limited to 140 to keep things somewhat manageable.
Donation is $ 15 per person donation to Nottingham.
I recomend folks get a local motel/hotel reservation rather than drive
back and forth to San Diego. It's much cheaper to stay up here in San
Marcos. If you want to attend email me at:
and send your check to po box 460 San Marcos, CA 92079

Sunday morning, around 9:30 a.m. we will unearth the pit and unload the
kilns. We will provide bagels, fruit, and coffee. The whole thing
should wrap around noon. We will be providing limited van shuttle ( we
have rented a 15 passenger van ) between the conference site, local
motels, and the San Diego airport. On the night of the party we will do
our best to provide shuttle service to the local motels.

Information on accomodations etc. are at our web site on the Pit Fire
Party page.

Terry Sullivan
contact me at

terry sullivan on thu 20 feb 03

Lots of Clayart folks, and others, have emailed to be put on the party
list. That's great ! It's going to be a very fun night.

However; many who have asked to be on the list have not yet sent in the
$ 15 for the party. This is vital as the attendence list at the gate
will be of those who have paid. If you haven't paid, you won't be on
the list and, most likely, there will not be room for ya. We are
stricktly limiting the number of attendees at 140 to keep the size

The $ 15 per person donation will not cover all our costs to host this
event so we are certainly not making any $ on it.

Send checks to:
Nottingham Arts
PO Box 460
San Marcos, CA 92079

If you are sending a check for a group, please list all the names and,
if possible, their email addresses.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts