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what are you listening to in your studio

updated thu 30 jan 03


Pat Southwood on fri 24 jan 03

vibe fm, its online too. old skool, trance, garage, etc.

Barbara Brown on wed 29 jan 03

I'm enjoying Buddha Bar IV. While in Greece at the IAC conference, went
into a pottery shop on island of Siphnos and heard this music, asked
what it was and they said "Budaha Bar" It is world music by many
groups. It came from Paris where there is a bar called Buddha Bar with
giant buddha statues. There is now a bar by that name in Athens and one
opened recently in Scottsdale, Az. I'm waiting for them to open one in
San Francisco area.
I read a great quote about music in the newspaper last week.
"Music is the food that goes in the ear and feeds the soul"

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