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what are you listening to in your studio?

updated sat 25 jan 03


Joyce Lee on fri 24 jan 03

I listen to a variety of music from my various eras
of Being Alive .... working with highschool kids
kept me current for many years and my tastes
are definitely eclectic ... grew up with Big Bands,
Show Tunes ..... classical and semi-classical. =20
Love Billie Holliday .... have all hers ... Ella ......=20
the Duke ........ Nat ..... Elvis ......
jazz from the metallic works of Stan Kenton right
on up to now when what's referred to as "jazz"
was then just our regular ol' dancin' tunes. =20

The best sounds though are those of our desert....
leave the doors open (even today) ..... hear Pat's
geese protecting her twenty acres of pistachio trees
from destructive insects ... the California
quail as they pass through on their daily run .....
the burro braying less than a mile away .... the two
roosters who have no concept of "dawn" though
they have the "breaking" part clear enough .... one at
each end of our short dirt road ..... the peacocks=20
who occasionally escape and stop at our place=20
to peer in ..... very noisy, they are .... the tinklin'
piano of the composer just over the way trying to
put fini to his latest before trucking it down to
Hollywood .... lives with no heat, no cooler .... tiny
trailer ..... brilliant ... dedicated to his art. Even the
westie is stilled now&then by the perfect=20
blending of such diverse sounds ......=20

In the Mojave