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what do you listen to in the studio? willing to compile "clayart

updated mon 27 jan 03


Craig Dunn Clark on sun 26 jan 03

cd" .

I really enjoy compiling CD's for friends. I am extending the invitation
to anyone on clayart who is interested to send me a copy of their favorite
song(s) to use on a ClayArt CD. Just send it to me in MP3 format via snail
mail (no offense Snail.) I'll put it all together with my handy-dandy Nero
Burn and then send copies out those who have contributed to the compilation.
If I'm able to do this without much postage cost I'll just ship out. If it
cost a bit folks will have to cover the post. Probably no more than a buck
or so in the contiguous forty-eight. Don't no about Canada or other points.
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008
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From: "Earth and Fire Pottery"
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 8:41 AM
Subject: What do you listen to in the studio?

> Hi all-
> This is one of my favorite topics! I really enjoy
> learning about what other people listen to. Having
> been in the radio buisness for many years, it's a
> question I'm always asking others.
> My routine is: regis and kelly on the dish at 8am
> re-runs of the twilight zone
> last nights conan o'brian
> (I have dish network, the only tv
> availible here in the outback)
> then at 11, the music goes on:
> a partial list:
> phantom of the opera
> uriah heep
> It's a beautiful day (my fave!)
> Paul Butterfield Blues Band
> Starship - Blows against the Empire
> The Highwoods String Band
> Mr> Mr.
> Manfred Mann
> CSN &Y
> Joni Mitchell
> Neil Young !
> Chumbawumba (Not the damn drinking
> song!)
> Cyndi Lauper
> George Harrison
> Country Joe's first album
> Seatrain
> Orleans
> Moody Blues
> Enigma
> David Crosby's solo efforts
> Red HotChili Peppers
> King Crimson
> Blind Faith
> U2
> Allman Bros
> McKendree Spring
> Pete Seger
> Fleetwood Mac
> Root Boy Slim
> Clapton
> Van Morrison early work
> Al Kooper !
> Laura Nero
> and so on.
> Tunes to keep happy pots coming off the
> wheel!
> Gregg Allen Lindsley
> Earth and Fire Pottery
> Whispering Pines Calif.
> PS - Had to replace the footpedal on my 25 year old
> brent 'c'. It got to the point where it wouldn't stop
> going 'round anymore. It's so old though, that I
> needed to buy a new control box too. First problem in
> all that time. also glad I bought a used pacifica as a
> back up this past summer.
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