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bead swap interest

updated thu 30 jan 03


Andi Fasimpaur on tue 28 jan 03


I've been thinking quite a bit about the discussion we had about beads and
the number of people who contacted me off-list saying that they were
interested in making beads. For quite some time I've been reading bead
forums and enjoying the discussions that have cropped up concerning the
planning, execution and results of bead swaps.

My husband thinks that I'm completely insane, but I would like to organize
a swap. According to the rules that I have seen on Polymer and Lampwork
bead sites, the swaps are generally organized differently depending on the
type and size of the swap... Participants would be required to send 1 bead
for each person involved in their swap (if there are a *LOT* of people
interested in participating, the swap would be broken down into multiple
swaps) and to send enough money to cover postage for their return beads...

I can think of lots of ways to use a cache of beads from claybuds, but I'm
not sure how many of you are out there making beads... Rather than clutter
the list with a bunch of "Me too!" or "Tell me more!" posts, please email
me off list at (that way I can filter messages
directly into a beadswap folder and try to start out as organized as possible.)

Best Wishes,

Andi Fasimpaur

Vicki Hardin on wed 29 jan 03

This sounds cool. I would like to do that! Please put me down.

Vicki Hardin