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back in the saddle/slip vs. h2o

updated thu 30 jan 03


Hendrix, Taylor J. on wed 29 jan 03

Howdy all:

I FINALLY go to throw some pots today. It was early December the last
I sidled up to a wheel head. Fun. Fun. Fun. I threw 6 bowls (gettin'
on my open bowl quota) in about an hour and had time to give the wheel a
over along with the mirror and tools. Nice to leave everything neat and
for teacher.

So, I'm gettin' a little better at throwing bowls. I don't have a well
in the
bottom, and today I limited myself to a maximum of three pulls (I might
have cheated once).
Anyway. I got so excited about getting to throw again that I decided I
experiment and try this throwing dry thingy everyone has been commenting
Yea, I don't get it either. I'm a bit crazy. Actually I was aiming for
slip instead of water, and now that I have tried it with some success, I
some questions.

I used a sponge charged with water to keep the clay lubricated during
This produced some slip. I gathered that up into my hands and rubbed
them together,
getting them sticky muddy! I could get a pretty good first pull before
I felt clear
drag on both the inside and outside. Rubbing my hands didn't really
relieve it.
I would reach over and dip just my finger tips into the water at times.
That kept
me from torquing the walls beyond repair. Should I be collecting an
entire bowl
full of slip for this type of throwing? In the past when I needed
lubrication, I would
flatten my hand and just touch it to the water's surface. Is slip
just replacing the dirty water with slip?

I still had quite a bit of clay on my shirt, in my hair, on my face, but
the tray
and my pants were relatively free from slop. Yea!

I have read many books on throwing, but none talk to this. David? the

Taylor, in Waco