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new video: recoding the flame: woodfired pottery

updated thu 30 jan 03


Stephen Fox on wed 29 jan 03

In response to inquiries about obtaining copies of Recording the Flame:
Woodfired Pottery

"Recording the Flame: Woodfired Pottery" is a new, 40 minute, documentary
video. The video offers the unique opportunity to hear the thoughts,
sentiments and philosophies of some of the world's great, contemporary
woodfire potters: Jeff Schapiro, Janet Mansfield, Jack Troy, Shiho
Kanzaki, Suketoshi Matsuyama, Karl Beamer, Darryl Frost, Svend Bayer, Owen
Rye, Tony Nankervis, Uwe Lollman, Donna Gilliss, Mitsuo Kakatani, Chuck
Hindes, John Neely, Chester Nealie, Paul Chaleff, Nina Hole, Randy
Johnston, Richard Bresnahan, Mark Hewitt and others and to see their work
as part of the ancient Chinese and Japanese tradition of natural ash
glazing. It explains woodfired ceramics and traces the history of its
use through the ages, emphasizing its relation to the other Japanese arts,
especially the influence of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

With a beautiful and sensitive presentation with an original score for
koto, the ancient Japanese stringed instrument, the work is dramatically
animated to engage both beginning and serious potters and students and the
faculty in the Arts, Religion, History, Asian Culture, Philosophy and
Anthropology, as well as those interested in video and filmmaking,
computer graphics and multimedia. (For purchase: VHS/DVD $43 includes
shipping. Deep Mountain Arts (