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plastic vs ceramic feeding bowls for animals

updated fri 31 jan 03


Janet Kaiser on fri 31 jan 03

animals are more sensible and their sense of smell is much more acute than
pathetic human beans. of course they will not touch plastic if there is
something at least more neutral on offer. they can smell all those pcbs and
other carbon nasties at a horribly magnified / multiplied percentage. and
do not forget they also have their noses right next to the offending vessel
surface whilst they are eating.

what? plastic is odorless, you say? try putting your head right into a
brand new plastic bucket and breath deeply... it is gruesome. and when you
think it has lost all the "new plastic" odour, remember your animal will
still be getting full blast every time they eat. not to mention drink...
people wonder why their pooch will drink out of dirty puddles in preference
to their "nice clean bowl at home"... humans are so stupid, yet they call
animals dumb!

so be kind to fellow living creatures. ceramic or stainless steel bowls can
also be properly cleaned, even sterilised. avoid glass unless it is the
unbreakable tempered bounces-when-dropped type.

just do me a personal favour... don't put "dog" or "cat" or "donkey" on the
bowls... not unless you also write "human" on every plate, mug, bowl or
casserole you make too... please...?


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