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updated wed 5 feb 03


Stephani Stephenson on tue 4 feb 03

"How about that $12.00 shuttle service for 4 days? Does it get you to
National Exhibit sites? I like the idea of having a ticket I can use
any time, any
day, and go to as many places as possible."

Linda ,
Important to note that the ticket you refer to , and is referred to in
the NCECA information is a TROLLEY ticket. The trolley is part of the
San Diego Mass Transit system. The trolleys are actually part of a rail
system, more like the old streetcars on tracks. They aren't surface
street buses.
The SHUTTLE bus tours are an coordinated for the NCECA conference and
are completely separate from the trolleys.

The trolley system is a great way to see sites in Old Town, Little
Italy, Down Town and the Gaslamp district. There is a stop, stop # 37
which is just north of the Town and Country,, where NCECA conference is.
Basically the trolley station is elevated and is located right between
the Town and Country and the Fashion Valley mall. There are automated
ticket machines there. It takes a few minutes to figure them out,
especially the first time you use them. Southbound Blue line trolleys,
which get you to the locations mentioned above, arrive every fifteen
minutes. They are clean, safe, and easy to use once you get the hang of

The NCECA national show , at the David Zapf gallery is in Little Italy,
on Kettner Blvd., is within a 2-3 blocks of the Little Italy trolley
Other NCECA tour locations on that tour, at stops # 1 and 2 are in
Little Italy, and walkable from the trolley. NCECA stop #3 involves
downtown and Gaslamp sites, also accessible from downtown and Gaslamp
trolley stops, but you'll need a Gaslamp or downtown street map, as they
are at different locations. Same goes for stops #4, #5 and #6. Other
stops on the 'NCECA National" tour are not really so accessible by

Balboa park sites, which are part of the "NCECA national" bus tour is
not directly accessible by trolley. You can find a bit more info on how
to get to Balboa Park on the "Tile Heritage Foundation Historic Tile
Self guided tour" at

The sites on the other tours, the La Jolla and College tours are also
not accessible by Trolley

The Town and Country concierge, or your local hotel will have tourist
info, probably including basic 'how to get around maps.

The website for the San Diego Regional Transit system is at
One the Left hand menu, open up the 'Trolley System", for more info .

Also , I think I have mentioned before, for those of you who will not
have a car , who are able to walk 1-6 blocks or so, and like to explore
dining options, the trolley system is a great way to get to restaurants
in Old Town (primarily Mexican restaurants), Little Italy (as you might
guess, primarily Italian restaurants), and the Gaslamp district.

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA