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nceca: san diego clayart faves

updated wed 5 feb 03


Stephani Stephenson on tue 4 feb 03

HI folks,
If you know of restaurants, or other favorite San Diego sites, which
might be of interest to NCECA visitors,
send them to me and I will post them at

For example, send me a restaurant listing . Include the address, maybe
directions, and some details such as a line or two about the restaurant
atmosphere , food, prices, etc.


"Dirty Don's Grub, 1234 Tin Pan Alley, : To get there , follow the
buzzards and seagulls. Best all around grub for under 25 cents. Bring
your own bowls and spoons"

OK we all know, there's no accounting for personal taste!

but get my drift!

feel free to contribute, and I will post the info.

send info to
please title: San Diego CLAYART faves

we'll see what happens.

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad Ca