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crystalline glaze workshops

updated fri 7 feb 03


Fara Shimbo on wed 5 feb 03

Hi, Folks,

I'm holding some Crystalline Glaze and Cookie Eating workshops
this year at my studio in beautiful Hygiene, Colorado (where the
population doubles every calving season...)
If you're interested or would like more information, please
let me know.

May 10-11 2003
Working with premixed glazes; making
and using catchers; firing schedules and
monitoring a firing; coloring glazes;
Firing with or without electronic
controllers; other topics as brought up.
$100 for both days.

June 14-15 2003
Mixing glazes from scratch; developing
formulae; advanced firing (manipulating
the hold temps for growth rings, etc.);
Coloring glazes; mixing glazes to
influence crystal shape, etc.
$100 for both days

August 2-3, 2003
Reduction colors and use of
rare earth elements with and
without more common colorants;
use of precious metals in crysalline
$160 for both days.
Fara Shimbo, Master Crystallière, Certified Public Nuisance
Shimbo Pottery, Box 41, Hygiene, Colorado, USA 80533 ^^^
Silly Science Fiction:

WHC228@AOL.COM on thu 6 feb 03

I wrote yesterday about lodging near you. I presumed that you were farther
off the beaten path than you are. My father was born in the Big Thompson
Canyon between Loveland and Estes Park, so I sorta know the country.
I'm headed out for about a ten days. When I get back I will have decided
about coming or not in Aug.
Bill Campbell