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surfing with helen bates - clay pot cooking feb 04 - 2003

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Helen Bates on wed 5 feb 03

Helen Bates Clayart Picks

Clay Pot Cooking
Descriptions Methods, Recipes, Pots

Chef Walter Potenza (Restaurateur) (Providence RI, USA)
Chef and food educator - claims to be the first Chef to introduce the "
Art of Terracotta Cookery " to the USA. In this page Chef Walter
describes the use of terra cotta dishes at his Providence, Rhode Island
restaurants. Has a line of USA made clay cooking dishes that he
sells. You will find many recipes on this site.
Home page:

Sonya Suponcic (Archaeologist) =C7atalh=F6y=FCk archaeological site (Tur=
The Neolithic site of =C7atalh=F6y=FCk: the major working hypothesis of =
writer is that the primary function of the numerous clay balls found on
this site was related to heat transfer and that they would have been
used in cooking and food preparation...
For those on the list interersted in archaeology, there are numerous
pages of reports on this site. Some have to do with pottery; others
not. For high end graphics, VRML, Quicktime and the like, check out the
Home page:

Peggy Trowbridge on "About Com"
Four pages of information and recipes on Clay Cookers.

"It's a chicken brick" by Sherrie Bertrand (formerly from Orlando, FL,
USA, now in Laurenburg, Germany)
"Sherrie" writes on her love affair with clay cookers. Included are
some recipes. Lots of other neat stuff on her site.
Home page:

Roastng Pans - "What Experts Consider"
Cooking Com's article on all sorts of roasters, including Clay
roasters. Links to products. Recipes by the "thousands." In the
"Recipes and More" section are two recipes for other types of clay
cooking pots, one is from China, the other from Thailand (using a
Chinese sand claypot.) The pots are illustrated.
Home page:

Shirley Willard - Cooking in Clay Pots
History, care, & cleaning of Clay pots; the various kinds of pots
described; some recipes.
Electronic cookbooks for sale on this site. (Older browsers may not
work for book descriptions, but they'll work for the purchase itself.)
Home page:

Aboriginal tradition (Monash University, Australia )
Another site on pre-historic cooking methods, using clay balls
Page from the site on the Eastern Kulin clans of Central Victoria State,
South-eastern Australia.

Louisiana Prehistory: Poverty Point and Tchefuncte Indians (Louisiana
Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism)
"The Poverty Point Indians (...) made clay cooking balls that probably
were used like charcoal briquettes for roasting and baking."
"Tchefuncte people were the first Indians in Louisiana to make large
amounts of pottery."
For image of a Poverty Point culture ceramic cooking ball see:
Archaeology home page and links to online books (free to read online):

Susi Vaasjoki (The El=E4v=E4 Keskiaika ry or "The Living Medieval Times=
re-enactment society)
Food and Drink in Medieval England - Medieval cooking:
"In peasant homes (...) small birds and such might be wrapped in wet
clay and buried in the hottest ashes to cook."
English home page of the food section:
English home page of entire site:

Tom Osher (Bagelhole Org ) - Primitive Cooking Methods
Idealistic, alternative society site (collecting and sharing low-tech,
alternative, & "sustainable information")
Home page:

Clay Pots for Cooking (Masterstech) (I couldn't find the authors'

Describes clay pots for cooking and their care and use.
Extensive recipes section on this site.
Home page:

Kitchen Etc. - (Commercial site selling clay bakers)
A modern style of unglazed clay baker - the Contempo(TM)
The link to the clay recipe cookbook leads to another book, plus the
older German style "Topf" clay baker.


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