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architectural ceramics in italy, m. selsor

updated sun 9 feb 03


Ed Gould on thu 6 feb 03

For those of you looking for an experience of a lifetime to hold dearly as a moment of beauty, fun, magnificent scenery, learning, , new outlooks, new techniques and exquiste food and hospitality I recommend without reservation the Architectural Ceramics workshop given by Marcia Selsor in Tuscany. I have traveled throughout Europe, Madagascar, Malaysia and Latin America and taken many ceramics courses. My experience last spring with Marcia exceeded all and was the most memorable and cherised. For details feel free to contact me directly.
Ed Gould

Marty Morgan on sat 8 feb 03

I want to echo Ed Gould's sentiment that Marcia's workshop was a fantastic
experience. I came away with new skills, new friends, and a deep
appreciation for what can be accomplished with a team effort. We learned
how to construct the forms needed to create large-scale columns, and then
we built some, decided on their decoration, and put them all together as a
group. The finished pieces were quite beautiful. We learned very helpful
techniques for making birdbaths, and Ed made a gorgeous one, working til
all hours, creating incredible hummingbirds, flowers and insects to
decorate it. We also helped to construct a very long flowing seating area
built into the hillside behind the studio. I could go on and on. The food
was incredible; the field trips to Sienna, Florence, and other towns were
truly inspiring.
My website is not up as yet, but I would be happy to send pictures to
anyone interested, as jpegs by email or photos by snail mail - just ask. I
have a great shot of one of our group licking the tiramisu bowl on our last
day! Pictures of Ed's birdbath, and of wonderful scenery around Certaldo.

Marty Morgan, dreaming of returning to Certaldo to see the finished bench.