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nceca question : airport

updated fri 7 feb 03


Stephani Stephenson on thu 6 feb 03

Suzanne wrote:
I just received the information from NCECA, after having paid my fees,
etc. Usually there is information about transportation from the
to the hotel, and in this set of papers, there was no such information.

Could any of you living in San Diego offer some information please?
Suzanne in Honolulu

The airport in San Diego is literally IN San Diego, right next to
downtown and right on the bay, Actually the descent is quite a
surprise. As you land, you pass quite low over Balboa Park and part of
So the airport is not too far from downtown and even Mission Valley/
Hotel Circle where the Conference is.
The airport is small, but busy. There are different ways to get to and
from the airport, but I would recommend a taxi, probably a $10 ride. The
Town and Country may also have a hotel shuttle.
In past NCECAS I remember NCECA shuttles but I do not know if they have
them this year.

Stephani Stephenson

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