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nceca daily rate

updated wed 12 feb 03


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on tue 11 feb 03

Since NCECA is just down the coast a bit this year, I had hoped to attend.
However, I have custody of two of my grandchildren and no one to watch them,
so the best I may be able to do is attend for one day.

For anyone else who is not able to attend the entire conference, I called
NCECA today and learned that the daily rates are:

$35 for either Wednesday or Saturday
$60 for either Thursday or Friday

These tickets cannot be bought ahead of time - just show up and buy for the
day. In addition, if you want to join NCECA, applications will be available
at the conference.

in rainy Redondo Beach, California
they call this a little el Nino rain
whatever it is, we sure can use it in Southern CA