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mug exchange ababi to mayssan shora farra

updated sat 15 feb 03


Ababi on fri 14 feb 03

If anyone knows Mayssan Shora Farra please tell her I wait to reply. Until
than I shall not send the mug

>From: Ababi
>Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 23:28:17 +0200
>Subject: Re: Mug Exchange PARTNER!

>Hello Mayssan Shora Farra
>My name is Ababi
>I live in Israel
>I am married with one wife and two children.
>You can see your new mug here:
>I shall send you some of my pottery stuff in an e mail because of the high cost of the
snail mail (Recipes and so on).
>Ababi Sharon
>Glaze addict
>Kibbutz Shoval Israel
>and also

>---------- Original Message ----------

>>Dear Ababi,
>>I have completed the matches for the mug exchange. Your partner will
>>Mayssan Shora Farra
>>1544 Skyline Rd
>>Charleston, WV 25314
>>If you requested more than one partner, you will receive another message
>>with your other partner's name.
>>Please get in touch with your partner, and get your mug or other clay
>>item mailed off to him/her no later than March 12. I do suggest making
>>contact by email first, if possible, just to be sure you have made the
>>connection and both of you have the correct information.
>>If you have trouble making contact, feel free to let me know, since I do
>>have phone numbers for some participants and may be able to supply more
>>info. However, I will be out of town from February 22 through March 9,
>>so please hang onto this message until your exchange is complete, since
>>I will not be here to send it to you again.
>>When you send your mug, it's a nice gesture to include info about
>>yourself, your methods, glazes, firing technique, or whatever else might
>>be interesting to your partner.
>>Also, if you would like to include your work in the online Mug Exchange
>>Gallery, please send me a .jpg of your pot before you mail it. If you
>>have a choice, I would prefer a larger/higher resolution image - I can
>>crop it and compress it for web use, but starting off with a good image
>>gives me the most flexibility. My email is
>>Thanks, and I hope the exchange is a fun one for both you and your
>>Chris Schafale