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fw: suffering from the rutile blues

updated tue 18 feb 03


Ingeborg Foco on mon 17 feb 03

> I am using a rutile blue glaze that is giving me major headaches. This
> recipe worked ok before my move to Florida. Since my move, I have had
> unbelievably poor results. I have searched the archives looking at rutile
> blues until I am blue in the face without resolving my problem. You are
> last hope. I know most of you don't think much of the color blue,
> my customers seem to like blue. What can I say?
> In general, the glaze craters, bubbles and makes the pots worthless in
> cases. (but not all of the time) I have tried just about everything to try
> to rectify this problem: Bisquing higher, slow cooling, fast cooling,
> sponging bisque prior to glazing, running water over bisque prior to
> glazing, thick application and thin application, firing to ^9 1/2, firing
> ^10. firing to ^11. Soaking and none of the above have made a difference.
> I have refired the pots that have sharp craters in hopes of salvaging them
> and in general it doesn't work. (but sometimes it does) The blisters tend
> occur primarily on a vertical surface. Platters and flat items come out
> except for the rims.
> I am about to give up on this glaze. I can't keeo throwing these pots
away. I hope there is something simple
> that I am missing--maybe I'm too close to the problem. Any ideas?
> The recipe is as follows and I apologize for not giving credit - I don't
> know who the author is:
> Rutile Blue 101 ^10 Reduction
> Custer Spar30
> Silica 26.3
> Dolomite 15.8
> Whiting 11.1
> EPK 16.8
> Rutile 8
> I have used Axner's "Tom's Sandstone" ^10 Body and presently Highwater
> "Phoenix" ^10 I fire in a gas kiln and my firings tend to be in the 10 -
> hour firing range. My bisque firings are 10 hours or longer. Does anyone
> have any ideas of what the problem could be?
> I am not really married to this glaze, however, I don't have a suitable
> replacement and it takes time to come up with something new. Tourist
> is Now.
> The only difference here is the clay, water and of course the climate.
> anyone have any ideas. I sincerely thank you for any inputs that might
> me solve this problem.
> Ingeborg
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