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pre-nceca workshop request

updated tue 18 feb 03


Gail Dapogny on mon 17 feb 03

Request to those attending the Malcolm Davis workshop in San Marcos.

I have obtained a room in the nearby San Marcos motel and would like very
much to share with someone-- or ones-- to cut down on expense. (Happy to
give up my room if someone wants to "incorporate" me into theirs.) I'm
quiet, non-smoking, etc.

I'm also wondering what people are doing about transportation from San
Diego up to the workshop town. I'm flying in on Friday early afternoon.
Is anyone renting a car who would like to share the expense, etc.

Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who knows something and/or can
help me out!

Thanks --- hoping to hear from you!
Gail Dapogny

Gail Dapogny
1154 Olden Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-3005
(734) 665-9816 (single historical photo - no longer
registered with Silverhawk)