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guilds working together at nceca

updated thu 20 feb 03


Bob Nicholson on tue 18 feb 03

As many of you know, some months ago we proposed a "guild to
guild" working session for NCECA. Although our proposal
for a formal session was not accepted, Paul Wandless has
added us to the NCECA Connections program.

Please join us in meeting with other Guilds to discuss
ways we can work together! Ideas may include coordinating
speaker "tours," exchanging newsletter articles, investigating
group purchase programs, or simply sharing knowledge and
experience on how to run an effective organization.

NCECA Connections is in the California Room, 3:30 - 5:00 PM,
on Thursday, March 13.

The Guilds discussion will be led by Eduardo Lazo, VP
of the Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild.


Bob Nicholson

PS - I'd especially like to invite the many people who
have participated in our Guild survey, or submitted
their listings for our Guild directory, at